Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday at last yet again. My horrorscope says that if I am fed up with my job, I should consider changing it. I am sort of weary, but I don't want to change, even if I could.

My foot was very sore this week and I have cured it by wearing sandals for three days and being very careful not to stub mu ingrown toenail. Cannot see my chiropodist until the 5Th.

My younger brother called and I promised to call the oldest about our ancient mother and whether we would be capable of taking care of her during our summer holidays in England.

I am part of the sandwich generation with still young children and very old parents, all of whom must be taken care of in various ways. My oldest has left home, but is always here. My youngest is staying until he has finished school and the middle one insists that we should house him so that he can save up to get his own place. He talks of buying his own car, a luxury I can't afford for myself.

As for my mother. She will be 94 at the end of the year. She does not have Alzheimer's, but does have much "hardening of the arteries" and slips in and out of reality. She is miserable in her old folks' home where she knows that she is surrounded by "no one that loves me". She recently referred to her first born in a photograph on her wall as "that man".

The dance studio and garden.


willow said...

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Really sad about your mother getting older. Aging and death is sad.

Where are these spectacular (the word's in my head tonight) photos taken?

marc aurel said...

In France. Possibly Versailles

willow said...

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