Monday, June 2, 2008

Tripped on my way into the parking lot. Cathy says I have to report it for a WSIB form to be filled in. What a bore. Falling was bad enough.

Back to work. I took DF to the dentist. He insisted that he walked faster, he's the one who went half a mile an hour down Dundas, and so we walked to Parliament across the park at first. He does walk quicker, without a walker, but still very slowly. It has been a perfect summer day. Only trouble is he talks incessantly and mainly incomprehensibly. I realised that my mother used to talk continually without editing her thoughts at one long period in her life and I wondered if that is why I sometimes do not listen to people and often fail to hear what Cathy has said, so much so that she suffers from feeling ignored by me. Anyway with DF I sort of tuned him out, but felt obliged to repeat the few words I did understand to make him feel that I was listening. At one point I knew that he was asking me a question, although I only had a vague idea of what it was. The dentist hopes to reconstruct his entire mouth starting tomorrow. I got lunch at the deli where we used to shop when we lived round the corner and very good free trade Ethiopian coffee, which I am drinking as I write. As usual I slept after lunch and again a bit after the one o'clock serving. Tom D woke me and we talked about Shakespeare and Hitchcock. He is a pleasant very natural and unaffected mixture of naive innocent and intellectual. I suppose I am too. He said he loved "the Lady Disappears".

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