Saturday, June 7, 2008

Very hot and humid yesterday and today. At last we have succumbed and we are putting in our air conditioners. Our new house will have CAC, my favourite feature on house listings when we were looking. At work the air conditioning was beginning to work, but I was asked by Richard C if I would like to take someone to the hospital and, probably for the first time ever, I declined. I retreated to my little sanctorum and slept fitfully for about twenty minutes. I had a cold all day, which got worse today, but I have slept so much, with a sleeping pill last night, that now I feel a bit better. Yesterday morning I took DF to the dentist again and lost my temper with him, calling him a stupid, obstinate old man when he insisted that he wanted to walk along Gerrard in full sunlight and without the opportunity of taking the College Street car, which I had gotten a ticket for, as we were late. At the dentist I met his wife, the dentist's, who painted two of the finest unrepresented pictures I have ever seen. I was going to show one through the window to Cathy this morning, but ran into an old client opposite the chiropodist's and drove him back to Namirez. He got on great with Cathy. She is such a special person. Some of my previous companions would have wormed out of using up part of our morning to help a homeless person.

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