Friday, June 20, 2008

My main focus today has been juggling the needs of two clients at the hospital. Two, or even one year ago, this would have frazzled me, but today I seemed to know what I was doing with a sort of joyful ease. JB had a seizure this morning and could only barely walk, while being very confused as to which hand to hold his too large pants up with. As usual GM had to be transferred into a cab and into a hospital wheelchair at the other end. Then the triage nurse was, at first, sort of reproachful and insisted I stay with JB and GM's appointment was passing. So I got him up to the eighth floor and back to JB and then back to pick up GM and back to emerge to return his wheelchair to them. How smooth it is when you absolutely know what you are doing! I suppose I could not have gotten through it without some reassuring mantras that just pop into my head now. There was a woman in front of JB and I writhing around, (and not breathing "through" at all), evidently in horrible pain. She was rightly triaged ahead of us, although they took JB soon enough. They reproached us for not calling an ambulance. I saw my favourite triage nurse, but she did not see me. She is apparently Irish which came out as she was trying to comfort a fellow Irish woman sitting near us. When we walked in, it seemed deserted and within half an hour, it was a mad house. The paramedics wore pleasing yellow tee-shirts.

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