Sunday, June 1, 2008

We went furniture snooping today in that fine store on Dupont. David and a very well informed woman helped us and we decided to "think about it". Now we realise that we have two couches from the two youngest children anyway. We had lunch and it was very good at a little diner further down Dupont opposite the Home Hardware where we had almost successfully bought a new door for Matthew's room. I do hope he gets out of the habit of taking out his many frustrations on doors and walls. They are both so fragile here. I myself, back in the tempestuous eighties, once punched a wall in anger and was incredibly surprised to see my fist disappear into the wall. We covered the hole with a small painting. I just phoned Kim who, as I do, had to go and cook dinner, despite the time difference. Our mother is not well, not eating and not thriving. Old age is a crock.

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