Sunday, June 15, 2008

Writing this again after some glitch resulting fom having my eyes glued to the keyboard. I stopped taking beta blockers on Wednesday and am less tired but more shaky and sort of shaky inside as if I was jet lagged and food poisoned. I have not slept really well for two nights,perhaps because i stopped after six day of sleeping pills taken for a bad cold and very hot clammy nights.

We watched "Hollywoodland" last night which dissatisfied at the time, but lingers persuasively in the mind. Excellent everything except the general construction of the script.

Since Friday night we have eaten out at every meal on the street from stalls set up for the yearly "Taste of Italy" festival. College blocked off from Bathurst to Shaw, where the library is. Our new house will have a library just round the corner on Lakeshore and I have collected a fat wad of scraps of paper with things I want to read or listen to.

Good long talk with David again as I drove him home early this morning. Our minds are at about the same pace when he has been up all night and I am just getting up.
I am to ponder what would happen if America reduced tax revenue and doubled the minimum wage.

Above are my pictures for the day from the Settlement also known as Christmas Island.

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