Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My wife and sons like to have showers.

I have to have a bath. For a start, I can't reach my feet standing up and, as I am tall, the shower nozzle is almost always level with my shoulders. I like a good long soak with something wordy and intelligent on the radio. That way I frequently fall asleep to be woken by the water getting too cold. It's getting so that I can barely heave myself out of the bath and I am thinking of getting one of those sit baths with a convenient door, which they swear is water proof. Perhaps I should get a hoist instead.

Slept poorly last night as fireworks for Canada Day kept us awake and then I had napped too long during the day. We are now surrounded by boxes wherever we go. When we moved here eleven years ago the movers put everything in the sitting room and it seems that we lived out of those boxes for more than a month.

The dock is in the Maldives.

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willow said...

Baths vs showers must be the blog topic of the day! Yours is the second I've seen. I am also a bath the experience, the swirling foam, scent, feel of the water. I am waiting for our youngest to finish college so we can install my dream tub.