Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home alone as today I had to drive out to Nobleton to get my teeth cleaned by "Pamela". Will return in October. On the way I stopped at Long Branch railway station and got schedules and cost for transport into the city. Not bad.

Many of the cars on our lane were parked and they are standard, neither rich nor poor, vehicles. Unrepaired, our vehicle will stand out as the most beaten up. Do we care what the Jones's think? Sometimes.

I called DM without much progress, but will call again tomorrow morning expecting some on D's word.

I also called Balfour Books. They were closed and I left a message which has not been answered yet. We are disposing of four boxes of books.

William stirring. I must go and move the car into the parking garage. I will miss that. I have whistled and sung many a happy tune in those echoy chambers and then the car was always snow-free in winter.

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