Monday, January 26, 2009


A Tom Waits like Tom Jones

From Darla} Riveting Edge's photostream on flickr

two photographers · one camera · one weekend · a thousand peopleOur project is a true portrait of Britain created by photographing 1,000 people. We stopped everyone who crossed our path on the streets of London, excluding nobody, asking the same question more than fifteen hundred times. In a moment where recession is the main subject of every discussion, it was striking to come across such positive attitude. This is the true face of Britain.


from Akbar Simonse's photostream in flickr, except the first one!

From flickr



JPDeni said...

That is a wonderful photo!

marc aurel said...

Yes. I picked it up on a google gadget called interesting pistures, or something. Elsewhere I have a page devoted to roads and I am starting one here of faces.

willow said...

You know how much I love faces. This one makes me wonder how my Cherokee gg grandmother looked in her old age.

marc aurel said...

How romantic. Cathy too has native blood.