Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is a decorated tunnel entrance. I could not find any others. It is on the line from Hayward's Heath to Brighton which also has a spectacular railway bridge, which we found and photographed many summers ago. The tunnel was the site of one of the worst train disasters in Victorian times when one train slammed into the back of another due to signaling problems. Maybe the signal box was even in this castellated structure.A hot day at work reminds me that we will soon have to move in the same heat or worse and that the summer in England mercifully approaches. I almost killed a client last night by leaving him very drunk alone in the shower room, where he fell and hit his head. I was relieved that today he seemed fine.Fun to work yesterday and today with MT. I will not see MT until Monday. As usual, Tuesday rewarded me with being my favourite day, although last week was nice with Thursday off and I might aim for that in semi-retirement. Also attracted by the fantasy of opening a second hand book store as a book will soon be "an artifact of the past".

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willow said...

That train tunnel entrance is amazing...looks just like a storybook illustration.