Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So this post is at work while it is all very fresh in memory. I took DF after lunch to the Eaton Centre, as usual, very slowly. He has diarrhoea, but would not listen to my advice to check into milk products, in fact he had a Baskins and Robbins while he was there. He had to detour via washrooms three times. As usual he talked a lot, listened very little and was incomprehensible to most of the salespeople. Nevertheless a very nice woman sold him Giorgio Armani eaux de toilette and a free tee shirt, (he had insisted that they were Oscar de la Renta and that they were sold downstairs in the men's department), then he went off to Shopper's where he pestered the staff with questions and on to Baskins and Robins where his pointing made it clear what he wanted. He is senile although younger than me. Still, it was a nice warm day. Dundas Square was all agog with people staring agog. Actually I was staring and noticed that most people on the street look like they are pretending that there is nothing special to look at except them. I did see some very fancifully dressed women and they made me smile, but they did not smile back. I saw DF and me in a few windows and we did look like a pair of circus tramps. I'm very big, much bigger than I feel and my straw hat gives me a promenade like look, but not the millionaire nonchalantly ambling along, but like some derelict from the Bowery in the thirties.

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