Saturday, November 1, 2008

The morning turned out to be great. Did not sleep in as usual, but got up and surfed the net, blogged a bit and finished my book.

Then we went out and drove along the lake to Oakville, which is a lot richer than our end of Etobicoke. But along with the luxury stores, we got excellent coffee and patisseries. We went there specifically to get ecloths. I had read about them on the net and asked the English manufacturers where we could buy them here. If you are interested, they clean steel surfaces and glass without soap. While at the shop, I bought an egg boiler, which I had also read about on the net. I say read, but actually geekbrief, (, told me about both of them. Spending money is such fun. I "retired" when I was in my early thirties and for years lived quite happily spending as little as possible, so now feel positively rich. However my theory, ahem, my theory about house ownership, as opposed to renting, is that it has made me much more likely to want to"keep up with the Jones's". For real "rich" look at some of the houses in Oakville or the little toy here below:

"To keep some millionaires employed".

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