Monday, November 3, 2008

My oldest son would say that there was no point in going to University unless it inspired you to do something really useful. So how about these two students, who came up with the idea of sidewalks and roads which create electricity? Pads in the paving depress ever so slightly with every step and every advance of vehicles. Electricity is produced much as a dynamo does. I'd love to see Union Station or Dundas Square rigged that way.


French Fancy said...

What an impressive idea. If only things like that could be designed, maybe in 200 years it will be the norm.

I've tagged you, marc. Hope you don't mind. Pop back to mine and see what you have to do.

Dusty Lens said...

Now that's ingenuity!

To answer your questions; "Do you just go in to buildings and ask if you can take pictures? Aren't you often refused?"

Photos are not typically allowed inside these buildings. however, Bob worked in the building I took that shot. So, in a sense, we were in his office. Well, the floor his office was on.