Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have a secret ambition. I want to be the first person to post a comment to what I think is the best blog in the whole blogosphere. That is Life at Willow Manor. Trouble is, the moment willow posts, there are already twenty comments in the first twenty minutes. So I will have to content myself with this declaration of admiration. Willow is also a prolific commentator on other people's blogs. She must type very fast and devote hours a day to this wondrous pursuit. It is to her that I owe my small circle of readers. Others must owe her a similar debt. God bless willow of Willow Manor.


Lynette said...

She's great isn't she? I think you found me through Willow, didn't you? I really love the people I meet in the blog world. :)

willow said...

Aurel! This made me cry! You are so, so, so sweet. Thank you, dear friend. I enjoy coming over here to visit you, too.

I do read and type very fast, BTW. 8^)

acornmoon said...

Here, here , I will second that!

I enjoyed reading about your mystery parcel in the freezer. I think hedgehogs are edible, in the past they were covered in clay and throw on the fire to bake, the prickles came off with the clay. Can't say that I fancy it myself, (they are much too cute!). I am sure your museum was grateful to have the creature for educational purposes.

French Fancy said...

Seconded - although I keep finding more and more blogs that are so good I could never decide now which I think is the best.

By the way Marc I'm finding your blog takes longer and longer to load, as opposed to most others which just take about 2 secs max.