Monday, November 10, 2008

I found this quite useful and was relieved to find that I did not have to pay for it and that it was part of a serious study. I also find the advice helpful.

Your score is
33 out of a possible 100

Below Average Procrastinator

You rank between the bottom 10% and 25% in terms of procrastination. That is, when it comes to putting things off, you only occasionally do so even though you know you shouldn’t. Likely, you are a fairly conscientious and self-disciplined person. You probably still have few irrational or distracting impulses, but have some knowledge about how to control them. Consequently, you likely perform better than others while also experiencing less stress. Still, you may want to eliminate or reduce what procrastination you do commit.

for when I have 25 minutes. Perhaps I can put it off for a while....


French Fancy said...

20 - 25 minutes to complete! I bet not many people have chosen to do this then - and I was one of them. Better to procrastinate.

willow said...

I'm a procrastinator, to a certain extent.