Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday night once more. The Qantum of Solace and the renewed art gallery of Ontario open this week end. On Sunday the Santa Claus parade will tie up the whole of downtown. The lovely fall leaves are mainly wet on the ground. Each year I am yet again astonished by the size of some maple leaves. My mother used to press leaves in books and we were quite likely to find a long since dried out leaf in one of her books. These maple leaves would not fit into any book except maybe an atlas. As often on the week ends I get to relax in my jalaba , which my dear brother got for me in Oman.

I watched a wonderful feature length documentary by Sidney Pollack, (his last film), about Frank Ghery. I think this was scheduled because of the AGO opening. What I particularly liked was the way it was a film of Pollack making a film, so that you got to discover the work of two artists.


French Fancy said...

who is the baby?

marc aurel said...

An anonymous baby from google images