Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been tagged by Fancy French to let drop 6 random things about myself and then tag six other bloggers.
1)I too had an imaginary friend, actually until I was old enough for him to tell me that I would have too give him up until I was very old. His name was Jorgus. I could always reach him on an imaginary phone and he was very wise.
2) I love cats. Dogs seem to like me well enough, but I am suspicious of their affection. I find it sucky and ingratiating, whereas I respect a cat's disdain for me.
3) I am an addict. I am no longer addicted to tobacco and I'm just lucky not to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. I am addicted to food, especially sweet food.
4) I attended two "Institutes of Higher Learning", both worthy of being capitalised. I did not, however, graduate from either of them.
5) For twenty years I was an actor. I guess I still am, but I just haven't 'worked' for a while; a very long while.
6) I used to be very good at balance. The one thing I could do better than my genius brother was to walk along the top of a fence balancing an umbrella on my index finger.
And now I'm going to tag:

Colt Coeur
High Desert Diva
Fred C

Marie Reed
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High Desert Diva said...

Hi Marc,

I'll get to the tag within the next week or so :-)

Marie Reed said...

Yeahhh! I've been tagged! I have been a bit of a bum blogger of late. I have been swamped at work! I will post this in a few days:)

willow said...

Hmmm. An actor?! Tell us more!

I'll have to get a post together sometime soon.

marc aurel said...

An amatEUR actor, mainly in a wonderful community play house here in Toronto. Not lucrative but SUCH fun.

French Fancy said...

So you are a well-balanced sweet junkie. I've also got a very sweet tooth and I especially love kids' sweets - things like jelly beans and fruit gums.

Tell us more about the amdram plays you've been in.

I never realised there were proper rules with this tag thing. Ooops.