Friday, October 17, 2008

Lose weight, gain flexibility

I've just, for the first time ever, joined an exercise club. Today, with a day off work, I did a preliminary fitness assessment. I did not come out as badly as I had thought I would, but there is much room for various improvements. I said I was not interested in gaining much strength, as I seem to have enough already. I scored well below average for flexibility^,technique,endurance safety and, most importantly, core. Only my posture crept towards the median.
^ My flexibility is such that I can barely do up my shoes.
Of course they recommended that I procure a personal trainer at 72 dollars and hour and a nutritionist and carry on like Madonna or Tom Cruise, but I got out of there promising to work hard and spend as little as possible. If things go seriously wrong by next week, I can still get out of it; otherwise I'm locked in for a year and, as, aptly, one of the salesmen said, my fees are "grandfathered".
Leaving the club, which is quite new and gorgeous, I passed a new food court and, also for the first time, bought myself a bubble tea. A little odd, but delicious and surprisingly filling.
I think I am catching up on the millennium.


French Fancy said...

Bubble tea? What? Not made from Aero chocolate bar?

Good luck with your fitness regime. I'm in need of something as well.

Anonymous said...


I would suggest very strongly that you cancel the gym membership IMMEDIATELY!!! as soon as you can. If you have given them your credit card information to do the monthly membership withdrawals they will continue to withdraw the money from your credit card account even AFTER you have requested they cancel the membership. You will then need to contest each and every month the charge with your credit card company. This is the fact of the matter told to me by someone now a little wiser for the experience. CANCEL! CANCEL! CANCEL! and contact your credit card provider to inform them of this fact and then make sure you check your monthly statement scrupulously!

marc aurel said...

Um. Thanks for the warning. I was warned before I joined. For going on ten years I have refused to have a credit card. When I had bargained for the lowest possible monthly paymemt , I paid for a year in full from my debit card. Whether they can extract further payments from that remains to be seen. Thanks again for the heads up.