Monday, October 13, 2008

Tout s'use.

At last, at the risk of losing readers, I have changed my URL. I've thought about this for some time and had decided on "Tout s'use", which has become my motto, but blogspot would not accept the apostrophe. So I reverted to my rather lame second choice.

Inspired by this,

I went looking for these

Looking for them,

I found this

wonderful collection

to the ear worm of "Back in the saddle again...."


French Fancy said...

The Van Eyck used to be one of my late father's favourite paintings and I bought him a framed poster of it.

French Fancy said...

I thought you said you'd abolished word verification. It's still there,you know.

marc aurel said...

I taught I had. Soo sorry. I just changed my URL, maybe I can blame it on that. 'Will go and check.

marc aurel said...

You're right and I had nixed pictures of my commentators.

My father worked in Brussels, but had a little cottage in Holland. He drove me around to many museums of art. I was too young to remember the names, which actually is an ideal way of looking at pictures, without the prejudice of who's who. I saw Vermeer this way. Looking back, I guess my father guided me a bit. At the time, I hated Van Gogh, Rubens and Raphael and I wasn't big on Rembrandt. My favourite was a Cranach, (I can't remember if younger or older), which I thought I had discovered in Austria. I wonder If I have guided my children with a hidden hand as my father did me.