Saturday, October 11, 2008

I was looking for a picture to start with. I used this as my desktop for a while. Cathy took the picture in France. We don't usually have covered walk ways in Toronto, so they have a special charm for me. We went down this one and untypically did not get lost. Now is our thanksgiving weekend. We have turkey and pumpkin pie and lots of whipped cream. I was heavier this morning and doubtless will be even heavier on Monday. I should be sick more often. It was great for losing weight. Apparently we fatties lack a doodum that tells Dick Cavett, for example, when he is full. I always knew it wasn't my fault.


Marie Reed said...

Pumpkin pie is good for you! It's filled with vitamins and is really a fruit right? Don't stop!

French Fancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. (I don't have that doodum thing either :)