Sunday, October 26, 2008

From this,

To this,

"The incomparable".

William and I just returned from The ROM where, despite my social consciousness, not including too much conscience telling me how indecent it was for some rulers to so much reward themselves instead of feeding their people, despite all that, I was entranced by six or seven of the works on display. I stood in front of this one, moving from side to side and up and down, looking at the refractions in the perfect thing.

William was very good company and since we had left too late to include the Pilates class I had promised myself, he insisted that we hurry up and down various flights of stairs as if he was my personal trainer. We were both very impressed by the Daniel Libeskind building and they let us into the three star restaurant on top, just so that we could admire the decor. I have always found that using my children as passports have got me into places I might otherwise be barred from, or feel too shy to ask for.
I bought him a card holder and a picture book on Buddhism for myself. We picked up his charming friend Melissa and drove home in pelting rain, preceded by an excellent bolt of lightning to the top of our local water tower.

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Millennium Housewife said...

Children as passports are sorely underrated - how else to get in to see the latest disney offering without looking quite strange... The pictures were beautiful, thanks MH