Friday, October 24, 2008

Look at these shots of London in 1903.

Although I got this from powerline, which I find makes me feel unclean when I read it, I actually find it very moving. These people, even the children are all long since dead, but here they are so alive. In 1908 they could not look back at the people of 1803 in this way. And will the people look at us in a different way long after we are dead?

Can anyone tell me how to download the actual video to my blog? Thanks Willow. I was working in the right direction, but not waiting enough.


willow said...

Click on the link, then on the screen where it says "get code". Copy and paste the html code either into a post (click the edit html tab) or add a html gadget to your sidebar.

Hope this I'm going back to watch it! :)

willow said...

Yay! Looks nice!

willow said...

This is a fascinating clip. I had to come back and watch it again. Twice. We usually only see still photos of this time period and to see everyone so vibrant and alive was very touching. Thanks, Marc!

French Fancy said...

That's absolutely fascinating. I love watching old clips like this on tv.

Hope you are feeling better