Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Under the boardwalk
Down by the sea
With my blanket and my baby
That's where I want to be

look up toto self cleaning surfaces from Japanese Patents.

Later, at home, I manage to allow cookies just for facebook and sign up. I feel as if I've finally learned to talk at five and a half like the little boy in my favourite joke.

This baby never says a word, his parents assume he's deaf, he's not, perhaps he is autistic, the doctors don't think so. They also rule out Asperger's syndrome. Finally the parents just give up and try to ignore the problem. At five, sitting at the dinner table one evening, the boy says, "Could you pass the salt, please?". "But, but, but, why didn't you say anything before?" exclaim the distraught parents."Well, up 'til now, the service has been impeccable".

So, although they won't allow it at work, I've joined facebook. Only I can't remember why I tried to join in the first place.

I'm still a bit ill, but it was good to be back at work and my croaky voice testified that I had not been malingering. It has also been fun singing in this low smokey voice.


French Fancy said...

aw, you were ill for quite a few weeks then. Hope it passes soon.

marc aurel said...

On and off, because after this post, I got quite better and then got a whole different sort of cold later.