Monday, September 1, 2008

Drove into the city twice to help David move out of his place. He was quite sad to leave it. Fabulous view of downtown, but, with ultra thin walls, he could hear what his neighbours on either side were saying.

Cathy broke down and bought her first cell phone. This morning it is already lost as she did not set the ring tone. Someone moved it and we have no way of finding it, beyond determined search and chance.

I hope David does not stay long as his natural voice is very loud and the downstairs areas very noisy, being tile and bare floorboards. I had to thump on our bedroom floor at three in the morning as in the old days.

Lovely three days off, sleeping in till noon and doing what I please most of the days as the others were all out or asleep. As usual, Labour Day turns out to be "far niente" day.

Why is it that Googling "sleeping" and "indolence" produces images almost exclusively of women? Lovely as they are.


willow said...

Oh, these have been me for the last two days!

marc aurel said...

I hope you are, as the English say, "on the mend".