Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Workday at home after rough night with twenty five minutes of chest and mouth pain. I am beginning to wonder if it is brought on by stress. Medically, angina and sleep apnea have been ruled out. I can't see my doctor until next week.

I took a bath in Matthew's enormous bathroom. As we said when we first saw it, this is a kooky house. The master bedroom has a cramped bathroom, despite the odd presence of a bidet, and the doorless upstairs room has a giant bathroom with a shower, toilet, basin and a bath big enough for two. There is no washroom on the main floor, but there is a tiny toilet and basin room in the basement. Here we have a house with no view, but much daylight and clever sunken ceiling lights for the evenings and for the coming winter months. We have not fully unpacked yet. We are half moved in. We love it.

Since there are two living rooms, we have room for all three sons and much more room for everyone than we had downtown.


willow said...

Glad to hear you love your new house. Be careful...and de-stress yourself. :)

marc aurel said...

You're so sweet. Thank you.