Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did not go to the family party either, as David had to be moved out of his apartment. Instead Cathy helped him in the afternoon.

I watched "Adam's Rib", which I have seen a few times before and which aught to be on my favourites list.

It has occurred to me that Cate Blanchett' s Hepburn in "The Aviator", one of my favourite recent films, was modelled, (very well), more on the older Hepburn of the fifties and sixties. As a young woman, Hepburn had a kind of boyish/tom boyish/game for anything/intelligent loveliness, which Blanchett did not quite capture.

Katherine Hepburn was a dame with a lot of class, like her friend Lauren Bacall, and I watch them and wish I could have known them. And movies, at that time, let you know the stars, for 35 cents, an hour and a half at a time.


willow said...

I saw the first film that Hepburn and Tracey starred together in the other night on TCM...darn, I forget the name...but it was very good. They had such a delightful chemistry together.

marc aurel said...

Ah. God bless Ted Turner.