Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spent most of the day yesterday driving around with William. Great fun, although he kept apologising as each search turned out to be futile. We will return to the gem show next week end.

We had dropped Cathy off at the Distillery District. She and her best friend went to a play and later when we picked Cathy up and I went off to meet my best friend at an excellent independent place called the Coffee Bean. We ate felafel at what is considered to be the best place in town and went to a rather disappointing film festival at The Bloor.

I returned by train, somewhat perplexed to find that I had to wait an hour for the last train. Still, I had my book and time to explore the grand station. Some years ago I went into that same great hall and figured where the other termini were across Canada, but there was one I did not recognise and I determined to find out where this mysterious place was. Well yesterday I looked again at all the names carved high up in stone. I knew them all and could not remember which of them had seemed exotic twenty years ago. Perhaps, I reflected, I have truly become Canadian.

Got back very late. The evening had turned cold and today it has rained all morning. Cathy says the plants needed it.

Woody Allen films on Bravo. Matthew was enchanted by Mighty Aphrodite.

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