Saturday, September 13, 2008

I've loved you for a long long time
I can't pretend I've not
I love to see you naked
In your body
And your thought
The weekend at last and I'm feeling better. Going to take our fat cat to the vet and William to his gem show. House crisis: we are out of coffee.


willow said...

Good to know your biggest crises is lack of coffee and you are feeling better. I love this Leonard Cohen song!

marc aurel said...

We got the last pound of Verona, our favourite, on the way back from the gem show, which was very interesting.

Marie Reed said...

I had the same crisis yesterday! I was stuck with tea all morning long! The horror!

marc aurel said...

Actually, on that black box widget, I chose tea over coffee. I got into expresso on a short trip to France, and the demon bean won't let go of me.