Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't see so much of her these days. If I was a movie star, how easy would it be for me to give up when my ratings began to slide? Its not as if you can go back to community theatre once you have been a star.

I never got further than community theatre and I gave it up, but I can always go back to it if I can restrain trembling on stage and not forget my lines.

The thing is: should I spend a lot of what is after all our money on a gift, which I think is wonderful, for my dear wife's birthday? I love it and it is the only one like it in this world, but will she like it as much? And what if she would rather I spent that money on furniture or draperies? I bet there were whole departments in Shelfridge's or Harrod's called "Furniture and Draperies".

I only remember the horror of going shopping in those stores with my mother. Now I am strictly a commando shopper. I might window shop for a while knowing that I will not buy on first sight. Then I promise myself that if I really want something I will drag myself back to the store. I take great pleasure in walking in, finding a clerk and saying "I want sixty one of those".

Must run.

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