Friday, July 18, 2008

End of a long week. Cathy, William and Melissa out shopping, possibly for some furniture at Costco. Matthew, probably exhausted, upstairs. The house even all disorganised, with unopened boxes everywhere, is lovely.

Transport in and out of the city has been somewhat hectic, but last night I had to stay at the hospital with PG, who was a flight risk, until seven fifteen, so I had missed the last 110B from Islington and I was forced to go to the GO train. It turned out to be a great way of getting home and did it again tonight getting home at 4.45.

I would like to retrace the route of the bus, take photos and post them on the net. So many dead factories, the grim Ministry of Security and the Correctional Institute, and the abandoned steel works among others. Joddie's Restaurant carved out of an old motor repair shop in the middle of it all.

At six in the morning it all seemed a bit depressing and would linger in my mind all day. Today I was woken three minutes earlier by the cat and got the streetcar all the way into town,

Despite these difficulties I still managed to have breakfast at Starbuck's and salute the tamarisk every day.

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