Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My favourite city and my favourite actor. Both a while ago.

Filling in some spare time at work and happy not to be on a notebook. However expensive they are, they are always a bit of a nuisance compared to a desktop, which is still a close relative of the clunky old typewriters of my youth. For a short while I had my own golf ball Selectric. What a machine that was!

When I fancied myself as a writer, I had this theory that the writing tools had an effect on style. Hence quills, fountain pens, BB pencils, portable typewriters and Selectrics each produced distinctive and different work. I used to love to write in long hand with a good ball point. Now arthritis sets in too fast.

Knol rolls out today. It looks like Wikipedia with ads. Perhaps the novels of the future will incorporate targeted ads. There are some who think that advertising has ruined the world. I always feel that if they need to advertise something, I don't really need it. I am a bit of a cantankerous Luddite, I suppose, however God bless Spellcheck.

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