Sunday, July 6, 2008

So. Linda came over today. We rented a van yesterday to move our broken couch over to David's, but he decided at the last moment that he did not want it. He woke out of a dream and babbled about mysterious forces of which we did not know enough and I was seriously frightened that sleeplessness had made him insane. It turned out fine as he was practically dreaming when awake as I frequently do. Nothing to worry about too much, although his incessant watching of documentaries on Utube does disturb us somewhat. Anyway, so we had the van. I took a forty year old chest of drawers to my work and Matthew "borrowed" the van to move his couch to a friend's house. Not a very eventful weekend although we laughed a lot at "My Cousin Vinny" on AMC. Foot hurts more than ever, but may improve soon.

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