Monday, July 21, 2008

This is such a great portrait once again borrowed from flickr.

Now we each have a computer, well Cathy and I share this notebook, which my brother gave me in France at my nephew's wedding. It was a rather delayed sixtieth birthday present from both my brothers orchestrated by my dear younger one.

William has just bought himself a Viao, David already has a Mac and Matthew, with the whole of the third floor, has plenty of room for the Dell desktop.

I am very happy with this very wide Samsung except for two things. I can get round the awkwardness of the touch pad with Back, Forward and Up and Down buttons, but there is no keyboard way of closing a window. The other thing is that it is too easy to press Caps Lock by mistake. I am a two finger typist and seldom look up at the screen.

Another restful weekend. We are still living out of boxes, although the kitchen and bathrooms are unpacked. We left a lot of our beaten up furniture behind, so, for example, the TV rests on two boxes of unshelvable books.

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marc aurel said...

I had to get it from my son that you can close a window with Alt F4.
I asked him what the other F's did and he said, "Oh I don't know".