Saturday, March 8, 2008

Here are some more pictures from wikipedia commons. I like taking the ones with more than a million bytes for their higher resolution. The "little boxes, little boxes" are, sadly, in my very own city.

Saturday morning again and now ready to get back to work. I so much enjoyed hotel da da, which I found through one of my commentators last night. My French is not always good enough to keep up, but I get the sense of all of it.

When I was ten I lived with my father on Rue de L'abbei, quite close to some very smart cafes which we never went to. In the spring Paris was flooded and I was thrilled to walk along duck boards to get to my bus on the embankment for school. I remember a statue on one of the bridges up to her waist in water. I remember a car half way in the water on the slope down to the lower quai, which was of course under water.

We will be in Paris soon, first en route to Meribel for my nephew's wedding and then on our return for a second honeymoon of our own. We are excited. For a while it looked as though I might not be able to travel, but now they say it's fine.

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