Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm quite calm, but I think I discovered a new way of seeing. When I woke in my bed recently I looked across the room and things seemed to have a kind of extra layer. I looked at the patchwork that I so often stare at before going to sleep and it was sort of alive. Today I fell asleep in my chair in the wine room after the 2.30 serving. I woke guilty several times but finally slept a good half hour. When I woke I looked at my hand and saw a kind of thin web outside of it. With my right hand I kind of tugged at it and saw that it was elastic. It had little bobbles in it like floaters but smaller. The perception did not last long and I realised I was waking up awake. I did not know I had slept for half an hour and Judy called me from outside the locked door to ask if she could serve the four o'clock wine. There are piles of snow everywhere, but it is warm. As i walked to the hospital for my INR and home from the streetcar, I thought of what I would write here and how I might try to find the Celestine Prophesy again. Did I not give it to William?

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