Saturday, March 1, 2008

OK there are no images here on the old hospital computer that I can use. I have been frustrated all evenning by not being able to get on the internet on David's laptop, however here I am not doing much more than bla bla bla on this old internet connnection. Alice called me and was as Noel Coward would say "awfully sweet". I also had a long conversation with Kim earlier. Now everyone knows. Apparently at work the rumour was that I had had a heart attack. Definitely angioplasty on Monday morning. Nothing to eat after midnight. Kim insists that I insist that I will travel and Alice insists that I must not if they tell me not to. Some diorreah tonight probably from the crossant I could not refrain from at breakfast and or the Werthers which Matthew so sweetly brought me last night. Cathy has been very loyal coming every day, but obviously bored especially when she had finnished her book.


Kilroy_60 said...

First, most important, all the best on Monday.

It was good to see your comments at The Good, The Bad And The Ugly; which, of course, led me here.

You have an interesting site. Should you be so inclined, I think a link exchange would do well. Let me know.

Also, there's an email link in my profile. Send word so I can get back to you.

marc aurel said...

OK. I'm still a newbie. How do you do a link exchange? I don't want to give out my email as it contains my real name.