Thursday, January 29, 2009

The day was hilarious, boring, numbing and special. All the shift supervisors had a meeting, which went on until after lunch time. When the captain's away the rats will play and play we did, with plenty of time to do what had to be done. MT and I kidded around a lot, mock fighting and laughing. She trimmed my beard, which had been about to take over my face completely.The shifties were away so long I joked, "They can't decide who to let go". Since I am only two years away from retirement, I think I was the only one who found the prospect of being laid off funny. I met a young woman on the train home, who worked as hard as possible so that she could indulge her passion, which was travelling. She has already been much further afield than I did in what I thought were my travelling days. Such a shame none of my kids got that bug. Must look up I need something to do if I do retire. Study or volunteer if we can afford for me not to work. Cathy has just come in with bobbed hair, very cute, worried that that sinkhole of a car is revving too high. Sadly I was refused a line of credit for David's courses. I foolishly joined (and resolved) Cathy's consumer proposal years ago, although I only owed five thousand and have not had a loan or a credit card since. I don't have a poor rating. I just don't have one....

Monday, January 26, 2009

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A Tom Waits like Tom Jones

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two photographers · one camera · one weekend · a thousand peopleOur project is a true portrait of Britain created by photographing 1,000 people. We stopped everyone who crossed our path on the streets of London, excluding nobody, asking the same question more than fifteen hundred times. In a moment where recession is the main subject of every discussion, it was striking to come across such positive attitude. This is the true face of Britain.


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