Sunday, January 25, 2009

The moon just turned from waning to a new moon at less than one percent full. The sky was clear at dawn and I went out to look at this moon, but I did not know where to look and could not see it. I drove towards Starbuck's, but when I saw that the car wash was closed, I turned back and gassed up at the xxx station. It was 9 Fahrenheit minus 13 Celsius according to the big sign outside the tire warehouse. My hand was freezing. those pumps are not designed for cold weather and gloves, an especially stupid mistake for a Canadian company, I thought. Crept back into bed and slept well past Cathy getting up, waking from a dream I still remember. I thought I had a pocket full of twenties and wanted to give one to a woman with two dirty faced children, but I had no money left in my pocket and woke as I wondered if I should offer her my watch. All cozy in my luxury I thought a bit about what it meant.


willow said...

What a sweet and generous dream.

marc aurel said...

That's really kind of you. I think it indicates my sense of depletion. I want to give, but I have too little to give and what is there, I want to keep for myself.
Everyone! Please go and see Slumdog Millionaire; a rather serious comed/romance.