Thursday, January 8, 2009

Indigo, blue, turquoise, purple. Starting a bit larger than the moon, in expanding circles or auras. At the outside a dull straw like yellow. Anyway, "indigo blue turquoise purple", is my new mantra.

I want to remind myself later of two things this week.

On Monday the sun was setting as my train rolled round the lake. It was an absolutely clear winter evening and the sun was about twelve times its normal size, sort of bright orange and I could look straight at it without straining my eyes. Interrupted by buildings on the horizon, it went slowly down to a half sun and then very quickly sank. The illusion was that the sun was moving and the earth not.

Last night the ground was covered with slush and salt, or whatever GO uses and , as I went down the stairs at the station I was thinking,"It's going down the stairs, it's looking at the steps, it doesn't want to fall, it's experiencing all its little ailments", and so on. This mood lifted the me in "it", as it still does today.

It has been a hard week at work as two lovable clients died. DW died in bed, actually a little while back, and it was expected, but JM died in a horrible, very painful, freak accident. We can only hope that he was sufficiently intoxicated to be freed from some of the pain, but it remains doubtful. The police were very sympathetic.

His friend JP, (their names rhymed), cried all day and drank heavily. We didn't discourage him, hoping that he might pass out, (we've never done this before), but actually, he didn't until three in the afternoon, after drinking enough to kill any one of us.

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willow said...

I love your desktop. Sorry to hear you've had a hard week.