Friday, January 23, 2009

After the events of last night, I had a long bath, where I sang my way through the five or six songs from the thirties, that I learned in theatre school or from transcribing the words to the cassettes of Pennies From Heaven, perhaps a great movie revival for our troubled times. As Cathy was sick and determined to take today off, I offered to stay with her, then decided to complete a whole week of work, then forgot my alarm, then called in ill-dependant, as I would anyway have to drive Matthew to physio as Cathy would not be able to. William asked for a lift to school, which took longer than usual, as the highway was crawling and we drove along the Lakeshore instead. Matthew had an earlier appointment than we had thought and had gone by taxi. La di dah. So I went and picked him up and stopped at Starbucks. One of the best aspects of getting older, is that I can talk to anyone. I met two young women, who told me interesting things for future reference. The second one asked me what sort of music David wrote and I was embarrassed to admit that I did not really know. So I asked him about that and he played me some and told me of some film ideas, which I thought were pretty good. I spent a lot of time just sitting with Cathy and gently got the TV off and CD's on. I have found a wonderful book from the early fifties. The paperback edition I have is probably from the early sixties. I find reading so hard, I like to discover a book all my own. I won't even write here what it is yet. I am reminded of the time when I discovered a copy of The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. I think I was about twelve and, best of all, my more literary family had not heard of it. Also, when I was about sixteen, I found a book in my musty school library, which almost changed my life, as it led me to try for Oriental Studies at university. It was only when I failed to get a place, that I fell back on the old standby of Modern History. Oh dear. Rambling along. Gotta finish.

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Natalie said...

Sounds good!

Nothing like washing away your cares.....

Good job with the listening and also writing your 'stuff'.

Nice to get to know you. :D