Thursday, January 22, 2009

The moon is a waning crescent nine percent of full, yet the day has been typical of the full moon days of my youth, when, it was assumed there was more agitation and violence in our world. Not that I believe in that sort of thing anymore. I saw a totally uninvolved man attacked by another, mainly, I think so that the attacker could get himself into some trouble. He actually said, "oh i can't live like this anymore, walked away from me, turned and attacked the man facing me. So I saw it all and had to make a report on it for the police to follow up on. Then I came home and was glancing at my blog. I thought in a friendly, although admonishing way, I advised my eldest not to engage his mother in political discussions first thing in the morning. He had launched into a long complaint about the world this morning as she was driving to work. Later she had a contretemps with one of her juniors and came home basically in tears. Well then David let fly at me, sometimes thumping the table, once slamming my precious laptop closed. Actually picking it up, disconnecting the mains lead and the mouse. I was really frightened he might break it. He was just achingly unhappy and desperately needed me to listen to him, which, it is true, I often only half do. All my sons are involved in disciplines that I can not understand or partake in and it must be frustrating for them. They are passionate about their interests and interpret my lack of understanding as lack of interest in them. We live like five hermits, each with his own interests. Perhaps that suits me better than it suits them. I am not lonely for them, but they may be lonely for me. How much will I compromise? Not enough to watch American Idol or Survivor. Hearing some of the shows they watch is plenty enough for me. There are shows they watch, which I listen to quite happily, while doing something else, but I am not attached to the pictures and very little of the television they watch is actually visual. We watch Desperate Housewives and 30 Rock together. I still love acting and good writing. I have written this deliberately densely so that it can go some way to regaining the diary aspect of my old blogs. I shouldn't really think about publishing at all.


Natalie said...

Well done , Marc.

Parenting is a tough gig sometimes.

(LOTS of times, I've found!)

Sounds like your son was really trying to communicate with you, I felt a bit sad for him that he had to get so upset.

willow said...

I think most of us share the same kinds of frustrations and concerns as to relating to our kids. Just the fact that you are aware and listening, shows what a good dad you are.

French Fancy said...

But Marc, entries like this are like therapy and very interesting from the reader's point of view. I hate background television programmes unless I am involved with them. Most stuff is so noisy and raucous that I just can't ignore it. You do well to let it play in the background and wash over you.

Horrible to see the attack though - I bet it left you quite shaken.

marc aurel said...

Thanks guys, your support means a lot.