Sunday, July 26, 2009

What the heck is this image? I thought this was my लैपटॉप, बुत थे

and who or what enabled transliteration? I feel like Mr Jones in Dylan's song,

"Something is happening, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr Jones?"

My brothers gave me this beautiful machine for my sixtieth birthday with the specific proviso that only I should use it.

They knew that I had had to take the desktop to the computer nerd shop several times, because it had been overloaded with children's junk.

So this was to be for me and me only.

My wife wheedled my password out of me, set up her own and I don't know who wheedled hers out of her, but now all five of us use it. I think the cat and the dog have a go at it from time to time.

So anther long sticky weekend comes to an end. No end for the inactivity or poverty for me though.

Last night Cathy had a girl friend over and I got out of their way. Cathy gave me 40 dollars and Matthew drove me down to Dundas Square. I headed for the cinema there which has twenty five screens.

On her girl friend's recommendation, I saw "Her Sister's Keeper", I smiled a lot, (I always do when I am close to tears), and then shed quite a few. I loved every moment of it.

Transit home was really quite quick and I had my second favourite sear on the streetcar. The meal I had made for them had been a success. We talked with another girlfriend, who had joined them late, until after midnight. I slept really well until past ten.

We have had wonderful lightning storms all weekend. Does anyone else remember when cars were not necessarily leak proof in heavy rain? How far we have come! And my mother used to remember a time when automobiles were very expensive toys for the very rich.

The radio is playing a song from before my time, (Elmo's Tune(?)), but typical of the orchestral tunes I used to hear when I was a boy. I am thrilled with a recently bought present for my brother's 55th. Two discs from the late fifties of Ella, Louis and Oscar too. All for eleven dollars. I was just very lucky to find what I was willing to pay any price for for very little.


willow said...

I watched The Third Man tonight and thought of you when I saw the cafe. :^)

lakeviewer said...

You shared your computer? How sweet!

French Fancy said...

I hate it when people access my laptop - it doesn't often happen but I feel so proprietorial towards it that I always get a bit anxious when someone who has popped over wants to look something up.

marc aurel said...

Yea. Sometimes my sons' boisterous friends come in and just settle down on MY laptop to check their Facebooks. It makes my blood boil, and I thought about reprimanding them, but did not want to embarass my sons, so I explained my feelings to them in private. Small problem is that my sons are very close in age, so that sometimes I can't figure out who is who's friend. They often swop best friends even. I remember my parents reacting to Bill Haley and the Comets and feel just like that.

marc aurel said...

Ah the Third Man. Graham Green and the conflict between what is right and what is good. And when you are in love, you forgive the worst sins. And sin without redemption. And redemption without a taste of heaven. And, best of all, the voice over at the beginning, (the director himself), and the long walk at the end.
I walked into this movie in the middle, when I was sixteen, and sat there until I had watched it two and half times.
I was late for supper and went to bed hungry on old bread and rancid butter.
The film that liberated me to make it all up as I went along.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the cat and the dog waiting until you're all tucked up in bed before sneeking off to surf the web together.

There's a children's book in there,