Monday, July 20, 2009

Tom Waits - "All The World Is Green"

I fell into the ocean
When you became my wife
I risked it all against the sea
To have a better life
Marie you are the wild blue sky
And men do foolish things
You turn kings into beggars
And beggars into kings

Pretend that you owe me nothing
And all the world is green
We can bring back the old days again
And all the world is green

The face forgives the mirror
The worm forgives the plow
The questions begs the answer
Can you forgive me somehow?
Maybe when our story's over
We'll go where it's always spring
The band is playing our song again
And all the world is green

Pretend that you owe me nothing
And all the world is green
We can bring back the old days again
And all the world is green

The moon is yellow silver
Oh the things that summer brings
It's a love you'd kill for
And all the world is green

He is balancing a diamond
On a blade of grass
The dew will settle on our grave
When all the world is green

In "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". I haven't seen a better film this year. For a long time I avoided it because I thought it would be boring. Not at all, although I was glad to watch it on DVD and take breaks to make tea or just think about a scene. I've had a long problem with Tom Waits. His tattoos and rough persona, hard drinking, smoking and so on put me off, but I keep hearing his songs in films and think , "who's that? He's great". Another time I tracked a movie song down to Damien Rice, bought two CDs and found that the song in the film is, by far, his best. I hope to be able to put it here, although I think I posted it already a long time ago.

If you made it to the end of the film, like me you might like the song better than the film. But actually, I did not notice it in that film, which I rather disliked. The song was also in a much more heart warming Italian film, I think the one about this guy roaming around Rome on his motor scooter. I just cannot think of how to track it down at this time. Maybe my friend, Anonymous, would know, (?).


willow said...

I knew you would like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and its music. I need to watch it again.

marc aurel said...

Just a niggly thought. Scaphandre are those funny underwater suits with the heavy shoes. I remember that from Tintin. But isn't a diving bell the bell-shaped iron thing with a little window that used to be used before "diving suits"?
I loved watching it in French with English sub titles, sometimes understanding better and sometimes arguing with the translation.
None of the newspaper critics here stressed how incredibly entertaining the film is.

Anonymous said...

I read the book when it was first published, a humbling experience.


marc aurel said...

The director in the DVD extras says it is about hope and love. The producer and writer say that they felt it would be successful if the audience felt what it was like to be Jean Do, if they would imagine what they would feel like in a similar situation. The DVD extras are well worth renting it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marc Aurel, your question about the film where the actor rides around Rome on his motor scooter is called "Caro Diario" by Nanni Morretti. It is a three part visual diary of his life at that time with the scooter riding taking up the first part. I remember watching this in the cinema so as soon as you mentioned the plot line I was able to Google something to track it down though I had forgotten its title and director. Unfortunately, it appears to be only available as a VHS tape for now on with the DVD versions only available for play in other regions but listed for sale on the website. What is available on DVD is another wonderful film by Nanni Morretti called "The Son's Room" which I highly recommend to you and all your readers who are 'simpatico'. I just checked, and you can rent this film through Blockbuster though every store may not carry it depending on the size of their foreign film section. Watch it with someone you love, it will remind you why you love.

marc aurel said...

Right director, but this film. I quote fro imdb:

Il caimano (2006) More at IMDbPro »

Bruno Bonomo (Silvio Orlando) was a famous producer of b-movies in 70s; after a long hiatus, following the commercial fiasco of "Cataratte", Bonomo is going to be signed by RAI in order to produce a film about Cristoforo Colombo's homecoming. When the director Franco Caspio (Giuliano Montaldo) quits the project, Bonomo is forced to offer another screenplay to RAI, which is "Il Caimano" a screenplay he stumbled upon, written by the young director Teresa (Jasmine Trinca). The film-in-the-film is centered on the figure of Italy's prime minister and media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, a subject so controversial that even the public television refuse to produce it. While Bonomo's private life collapses piece by piece, as he's divorcing from his wife (Margherita Buy), and the bank is pressing him hard to pay back his long-standing debts, he finds out that struggling to get this movie filmed is the only thing that keeps him alive.