Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We've all seen this picture, but, if you click on it, it's really quite interesting. What I want to propose, (mainly for very slow typists like me), is a single symbol for "Click to enlarge".
How about the circonflex above the 6?


willow said...

This looks like our Smokey Mountains. You mean this (^)?

marc aurel said...

Yes. I'm going to use it to remind myself which images will enlarge. The picture is a standard sample which comes with Microsoft.

AphotoAday said...

Educational this has been.
Now I know what a "circumflex" is and I think I'll start using it at every opportunity... I am already a great abuser of the "ellipsis" and I think I should add the ^ to my style sheet of wrongness...

Don't know what to recommend for an "enlarge" symbol -- but yeah, the ^ seems to be available on an English keyboard.

Was reading in Wikipedia that many languages use the circumflex, among them Afrikaans, Breton, Croatian, Esperanto, French, Frisian, Italian, Romanized Japanese, Norwegian, Romanized Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Welsh.