Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday night I slept poorly and yesterday we were to go to my wife's family get together. She is tenth of twelve children. They are all alive and ten of them were there. There were many children and quite a few grandchildren. These parties, three our four times a year, are a bit bewildering coming, as I do, from a family of three brothers and their mother. We had to drive out in two cars, as Cathy wanted to get our dog there, so that she could play in the country and get to know all the other dogs. I rode in my son's car, but, when he tried to start it, the key jammed in the ignition. It was a situation where cell phones might actually have been useful. But, in the end, I got a much needed nap, while he got the car fixed and we arrived just in time for the meal, missing the usual long preamble in blazing sun, when the anti-social side of my nature is fully exposed.

And back to our wonderful house, where, this time, I slept long and well.


willow said...

Tenth of twelve?! That is rare in this day and age!

marc aurel said...