Friday, August 29, 2008

I would like to write a bit about this end of week. My boss of bosses used me as a kind of agent between the two teams. I had said that it is difficult for the clients to have two sets of rules. Actually on some issues they may have up to four, as there are two night teams and two day teams. Because of my special arrangement, I work with both day teams. Anyway there was one issue about the service we provide and the B of B's asked me to explain his views to the other, (today's), team.

I thought this might make me unpopular. God forbid! Then I was given a task which would not allow me to attend the whole of the morning meeting. I went to D, who was also on the other team this week, but, in order to ask her to express the B of B's views to the meeting, I had to talk in front of KM, today's shift leader.

It all turned out well as he had had a warning and said I could talk at the beginning of the meeting, (unheard of), and still leave to take care of the other task.

It all went down with some humour and no rancour. I also had to explain a disciplinary thing and this was accepted. The shift leader even gave me an afternoon task, which let me quit work sooner and get the earlier train home.

I love taking that train.


willow said...

Great day and early train, to boot! I love trains.

marc aurel said...

I spent six years taking one streetcar to work. Switching to a long train ride, (plus two streetcars and a subway), seemed to be the downside of getting our own house, but I love it. The view of the city, especially with the rising sun behind it, is glorious.

Texas Travelers said...

I will have to read this post again. It's lunch time, I am hungry, and not thinking clearly.

BTW, the Moose was in B.C.

I enjoyed my visit.

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