Friday, August 22, 2008

We have a METRO paper in Toronto, but I can not see if this photoshopped picture was taken here. I like the pic..

These remind me of my tamarisk which has new blooms on it. I watched a bee covered in pollen seek out its tiny flowers. Also on my way to work I heard a sudden cry followed by much yelling. It seems one woman had attacked another and knocked her down. Each of them was with a protective male and these two laid into each other, but, interestingly, they stuck to words and intimidating, (and foul), language. It was all over almost as fast as a car crash.

And this charming art was in a window in Brighton. The map is of that area.

So we are really back, although my forgetfulness shows me that I am still jet lagged. I took a man to emerge this afternoon, only knowing that there was something wrong with his leg. The triage nurse asked him why he had come in. He did not know. "Something to do with his leg", I said. "Can you show me what is wrong with your leg?", she asked. He pulled back his loose shorts and revealed two holes in his skin each about an inch in diameter . I could see down into his flesh. "Jesus!", I exclaimed and then felt embarrassed that I had sworn in what used to be a Catholic hospital. A small crucifix looked down on us and I set to thinking how thin The Christ looked, especially compared to The Buddha. My client claimed that he could not even feel his sores. He must have a good immune system, for there was no visible infection. Just that rarely seen essential part of us - bloody flesh.


willow said...

You must have a strong constitution working in a hospital like you do.

So, you're back to you new place! Are you completely moved in?

marc aurel said...

I don't work in a hospital. My work sometimes involves taking men to the hospital .

No. We are still surrounded by boxes. We love the house, but we haven't replaced all of the furniture that we left behind. So there is nowhere but the floor to put a lot of our stuff.