Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When we were in England, my brother sat us down to watch "The Weeping Camel". At first, I thought it ought to be called "the camel that bored us to tears", but, very slowly it sucked me in and, in the end, was very moving and strangely comforting. If you have seen it, you will understand that I decided that I would stop and listen to the two or three Chinese musicians here in Toronto, who play in public an instrument that looks like an elongated violin. They sit there on a street corner or a subway entrance and bow their instruments. At first the sound seems annoyingly plaintive and squeaky. Also, I thought there was one guy who moved around, but now I know that there are at least three. Tonight therefore,(movie spoiler alert), inspired by my brother, I stood for ten minutes, really listening, as the man went through about three pieces and, like the camel, I was moved and continued on my journey with a different attitude. I was determined, in return, to send my brother "Atanarjuat" (2001). This proved to be very difficult as Amazon refuses to specify whether they will dispatch a DVD with the right region code. Even Amazon UK ships from the US of A. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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willow said...

You might try eBay. I haven't seen this. Will add it to my list!