Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have not done much except eat really well, sleep a lot and cower inside the house from very strong winds and intermittent rain. When we sit more than eight down for a meal it has to be outside in a large tent which G bought four years ago for Kim's 50th birthday bash. We have had dinner twice there this year, both times in the rain. It feels odd to be eating fantastic food in a tent, in wind and rain.


On Sunday Gareth set off with Carol, Cathy and me to go to a boot sale. A boot sale is like a giant garage sale held in a field weather permitting. Although it was a fine day, it had rained heavily in the night, and they had cancelled the sale as the field was too wet. Could we go up onto the Downs instead? we wondered. Gareth knew a special route to radio masts right on top.

There were spectacular views South to the sea and also North towards our village. We could pick out a particular row of white houses on the edge of our village and figure out where the house was from there.

Gareth asked us to walk and he drove his rather swanky French car down a rutted path of flint and chalk, while we followed on foot astonished that his car had not got stuck at certain points. My feet still hurt a bit at that time and I walked the whole way in flip flops.

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