Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, another week-end is almost over.

Today I slept a good deal first in bed and then in a bath.

We learned that we will have to vacate our house by August. Something of a shock, but also a relief as we have been talking of leaving for some time and now that we are being forced, we won't have to pay for many of the repairs some of which we felt liable for. Our landlady will redo the whole house to give it to her niece who is to have a baby here. We are looking for another rental until we can afford to buy outside the city for our retirement. William and Matthew want to stay with us and neither wants to have to pay rent.

Gareth's birthday is today, so he will be retired soon. I left him a message in France.

Saturday we watched Hugh laurie in a British TV series, quite funny, but I was disappointed as I though it was a movie.

Today I watched the Celestine Prophesy, which followed the book fairly closely, but was not very good, although not terrible. I enjoyed the book a lot more. He does discover something with his fingers similar to what I found in the wine room while my eyes were open but I was clearly still asleep. Perhaps some people can relax themselves into such a state from a wakeful state. I can't.

In the evening yesterday, I went out to return Goya's Ghosts. It had rained all day. As I came out of Queen Video the setting sun had come out and shined brightly on all the wet cars with the still dark grey sky behind in the East. Very beautiful, especially with the curve in College Street there, which threw some houses into shadow and others in bright, clear light. I felt that I did not need to take a photograph, although it would have been a good one, because it was so clearly imprinted on my mind.

I also picked up medicine at Shoppers and flirted with my eyes at an attractive middle aged woman. I will miss living in this Portuguese and Italian neighbourhood if we have to move far away.

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